Master Franchise

What is a master franchisee?

The master franchisee is responsible for developing a franchise system abroad. Instead of a regional location, a large area (generally an entire country) is allocated. It goes without saying that the master franchisee will then found his or her own functioning franchise system with its own central office. Then they develop their own independent franchise system on the basis of this new system. With this they become a sort of “sub-ordinate franchiser” in their country. For their part they will allocate regional and/or local franchises plus ‘deputy franchises’ to the franchisees they have gained in their country or region.


What is a master franchisee at Town & Country?


A master franchisee awards franchises for a country or a region. The master franchisee copies the successful central office in Germany, where Town & Country has become the second largest house-building company in just nine years. The opportunities offered by the development of one’s own franchise system are reflected in the figures: roughly 2050 houses and a turnover of €302 million in 2006, as well as 2330 houses built and a turnover of €322 million in 2007. In only six years Town & Country has grown to the largest franchise system in the house-building market in Germany. Over 280 partner companies (franchise-partners) are active in the German market. The example of development in Austria since 2004 lends us the conviction that we are able to advise you about all of facets of developing your Town & Country franchise system in your country in such a way that diversions can be avoided for the most part.


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